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The Official Battle of Los Angeles Movie Trailers

"This is the single most heavily documented UFO Case in the history of UFOs." - - Jose Escamilla

On February 25, 1942, eleven weeks after the unforgettable attack on Pearl Harbor, at 2:25 am (Pacific Standard Time), America went to WAR against an unknown intruder over the star-lit skies of Culver City, California. Military personnel launched an assault on the hovering object, firing more than 14,000 rounds of anti-aircraft artillery fire.  The onslaught was witnessed by more than one million people that early cold February morning.
After more than three hours of battle, the unknown visitor (that never fired back at us) disappeared over the Pacific Ocean.  It was never seen again. This act of war on an unknown invader became forgotten in history.
Join the remaining eyewitnesses as they recount their experiences, complete with dramatic recreations, photographs, and all newly found documentation of that mystifying night.  Witness the battle as it occured in a new form of documentary filmmaking, from the mind of Jose Escamilla.  You deserve to know the truth.

THIS FILM HAS BEEN IN PRODUCTION SINCE 2010 supported by purchases of movie credits and other donations. Contributions are welcome toward the finishing of this ground-breaking film. The most heavily documented case by the media in the history of UFOs. In 1942 most of the media was not controlled. The way this UFO incident was carefully eliminated from the Historical War Record is exposed once and for all.

The Battle of Los Angeles is bigger than Pearl Harbor. WHY? Because we did not bring that unknown visitor down with all of our mighty artillery fire at that time.


1). This was the "First Time" the Pentagon / The White House / Naval Intelligence used the "weather balloon" explanation. Five years later the same explanation was to be used in the Roswell, N.M. UFO Crash.

2). This incident caused UFOs to be considered "a threat" to the United States of America. Until that time, UFOs were readily admitted as beng real by the Air Force / Military / The Pentagon and The White House.

3). The first film that exposes "how" the Pentagon / The White House / The Air Force / The Army / Naval Intelligence / The CIA, NRO, NASA and other Top Secret Government and Independent Agencies & Corporations conspired in keeping the UFO existence as a myth to the "naive and gullible" public whom at that time believed in our Government as being truthful about everything we were told.

If it takes me four to ten more years of piece-mealing funding to get this film made - then so be it.

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The LA TIMES Photograph that will become the single most important record of this historical event.

The Mystery Invader got away unscathed after one and a half hours of artillery fire with over 1499 rounds of 12-1/2 pound anti-aircraft shrapnel.

Genre: Live Action - Drama



a film by Jose Escamilla

Executive Producers: Jose Escamilla / Saskia Kraft van Ermel / Curtis Hedges